Project department

Stand Design Studio

We carry out projects directly presented to us by the customer. Our customers are communication agencies, graphic studios, and direct customers. In any case, the design studio, will assist the client to finalize the project, realizing nuve proposals and finally the final rendering.

Forniture Design Studio

We design and manufacture custom furniture for every customer and tailored to the trade fair stand. From the simplest to the most complex, following the style that represents the customer. Most products can be individually decorated with graphic media.

Rendering realization

Rendering is the final step. Our design studio together with our creative graphic design realizes all the detailed technical data sheets until you see the final rendering.


All the stands are certified and suitable to be set up in Italy and abroad. ognifughe Certifications and stability will be issued at the end of work and delivered to the customer. In addition, when necessary we also deal with the secretarial phase in transmitting Ente fair proposed what is necessary for the input phases to the exhibition halls to best ensure the fitting and dismantling.